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eCommerce & Online Payment Solution

Freelancer is a Professional IT Company based at Dhungedhara Chok, Banasthali, Kathmandu, Nepal. We provides quality and affordable services of eCommerce & Online Payment Solution to various clients across the globe. All business and corporate houses need a well-designed website to showcase their brand, purpose, services and products. Ecommerce websites will allow your business to reach many more customers easily and give them an opportunity to transact online conveniently. No matter where they are located, what devices they are on, whether that is their desktop, phones, tablets or wearable devices, they will be able to reach you.

For many businesses, it’s an inexpensive option to have your own Ecommerce web-based store compared to traditional brick-and-mortar retail shop which could require high rental expenses. For more established businesses with existing brick-and-mortar retail shops, a well-developed Ecommerce store can help your business reach a global audience and bring competitive advantages in the marketplace. With our experience in Ecommerce, web design and web development, our team of experienced developers and product managers will empower you to manage your Ecommerce store easily and affordably with minimal management effort whether you are in Nepal or elsewhere.

Online payment:

We don’t have to be in the thick of the hectic shopping season to know how important online purchases are. It’s a booming industry throughout the entire year. And, it’s a vital part of your business. If you’re not able to make electronic sales, how can you online business survive? Without being able to receive payments electronically, your top notch sites and high-ranking would be for nill. Today, this shouldn’t be an issue. It’s relatively easy to collect payments for goods and services from anywhere in the world via payment service providers. With so many online payment solutions out there, though, which ones can you trust for that all important credit card, bank transfer, or real-time orders over your ecommerce platform.