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Data Management Solution

The data is essential for every business and quality data is crucial to run various processes effectively. Normally, organizations invest a lot of time on data moving, sorting and transforming but do not providing enough time to data management. While, it plays a vital role at different levels of the business processes such as future investments, customer relationship monitoring, products or services feedback, etc. At Data Outsourcing Nepal, we help our clients in managing their data lifecycle from creation to retirement.

We have highly skilled and talented data management teams to collect, clean and standardize your business-related valuable information. Our quality data management services enable you to take key decisions confidently in real-time. We have been delivering business value to an assortment of clients from worldwide and they are improving continuously their business processes, customer satisfaction levels and competitors policies understanding.

Our experts understand clearly that competent and valuable data handling can maximize profits of any business. Before implementing a process, we recognized your exact requirements and areas of data quality improvement. Once the concept is clear, we deliver strategies that make your data more useful in structured from. We offer a wide range of data management services that cover following area.

Why choose us for data management services?

By outsourcing data management services to us, you can leverage the benefit of cutting-edge technology and in-depth knowledge of our data specialists. We can comfortably handle diverse data management projects including data entry, data capturing, data mining, web research, data cleansing, data validation, scanning/ indexing, data abstraction and data analytics. To ensure 99% accuracy in all deliveries, we employ double entry system and strict quality control processes.

We offer a wide range of data management services that cover following areas:

  • Database Development
  • Indexing/Scanning Services
  • Data cleansing & Enrichment
  • Data Abstraction services
  • Data Analytics services
  • De-duplicate entries
  • Verify and validate database records

Flexible pricing models such as hourly, fixed and dedicated. We provide complete data security or information confidentiality to our all world-wide clients and sign non-disclosure agreement with them. When you outsource data management services to us, we assign a dedicated project manager on your account for smooth project execution, better tasks tracking and communication.