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Content Management System

These applications are the key to an amazing customer experience. That’s why we treat them differently than a conventional CMS commerce integration. Freelancer provides headless services that are specifically designed to work in parallel with content management software, unlike other CMS ecommerce platforms that require complex, inefficient ETL integrations and data replication to produce a unified experience. Instead, Freelancer Commerce Integration Platform uses high-performance Cortex resource mediation to dynamically link resources and capabilities from both ecommerce CMS platforms together in real time -– producing seamless, beautiful digital experiences that engage customers and drive revenue.

Designing, building, testing, and ultimately perfecting a product from the ground up can only be properly accomplished by its originator. Following this rationale, Wasp is proud to offer our proprietary content management system. Rather than relying on an outside vendor for building, managing, or updating your website, Freelancer devised and patented an efficient and easy to operate CMS. Creating, editing, and publishing HTML pages and content can now be accomplished by our clients at anytime, anywhere. Freelancer’s content management system also offers Web 2.0 functionality allowing the production of blogs, wikis, forums, and more.

Advanced SEO tools are also included, providing our clients a turn-key solution for the engines that really drive online business: search engines. Accompanying analytics, multivariate testing capability, and microsite support are all incorporated as well. Freelancer’s Content Management System provides the foundation to deliver a rich internet experience to your customers across any desktop browser, tablet, or smartphone.