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Creative Writer

Note: This is a full-time job and not a freelancing gig.

Each month, our creative work reaches to an audience of over 40,00,000. Led by our core values of creativity, passion, dedication and constant pursuit of perfection, we've been able to work in teams and convert client's raw ideas into engaging content for the last 5 years. 

More About The Career

What you'll learn

We'll train you how to:

  • Sharpen your current writing skills and hatch a word-ninja out of you
  • Produce scripts for videos that are interesting, engaging and informative
  • Write articles and blog posts that readers will pore over.
  • Craft SEO that Google loves
  • Create irresistible AD copies
  • Build email templates that capture attention
  • Convert your creative ideas into products with global reach. You'll get a platform where your ideas will be welcomed with an open mind
  • Be able to mentor freshers and professionals alike within 2 years


  • We've got snacks! Nothing fancy but everybody on the team agrees that it tastes like home
  • We've got a cozy workplace with air conditioning, in-house kitchen, and professional atmosphere
  • You will work with mentors rather than bosses


  • Must be able to write. You CAN'T apply without sending us samples (see the 'HOW TO APPLY' section below)
  • Must be optimistic and possess a learning attitude and be able to handle constructive criticism
  • [Optional but a Plus] Prior professional experience

How to Apply

Step 1: Write a 650+ word article on any one of the following topics:

  • Write a biography of Chumlee (Austin Lee Russell).
  • What makes It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia different from other sitcoms?

Step 2: Send the above article and updated CV to [email protected]with the subject line "Application for Creative Writer | FC0323"