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Career in Content Marketing in Nepal


Strong writing skills and a high grammar aptitude are essential of course, but many organizations want writers with journalism experience, specifically with a newspaper or other journalistic enterprise. They want engaging, well-researched, in-depth feature articles, interviews, and newsworthy pieces, which means hiring strong storytellers with research skills who can work in high-pressure situations. Also in demand are writers who have written for websites and blogs, or have contributed as guest posters to high-profile blogs.
Companies also want people who can edit content, either their own or other writers’, quickly and efficiently. Clean, error-free copy is critical because most companies don’t have the time to go through several rounds of editing.

There are 2.8 times as many content marketing jobs available on LinkedIn as there are product marketing jobs. There are also more content marketing openings than brand marketing openings (5.5 times) or demand generation openings (9.4 times) listed on LinkedIn.


The Content Marketing Institute research found that 89 percent of B2B companies are using content marketing. In addition, LinkedIn’s data regarding content creation on our platform confirms that content marketing is almost ubiquitous. Over the past two years, the number of companies posting on LinkedIn using LinkedIn Company Pages and LinkedIn Showcase Pages has more than doubled. In this same timeframe, the number of unique posts has more than tripled.

75 percent of the 1,000+ companies surveyed by Curata in 2016 are “increasing” or “significantly increasing” investment in content marketing over the coming year, because of its efficacy in driving leads and revenue.

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