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By using this website, you agree to our privacy policy which governs the way in which gathers and stores the browsing information of the clients. When you use our site, page content and resources along with a cookie are downloaded to your device. A cookie collects a small amount of information and stores it in your browser used for traffic analysis. A cookie does not contain your personal information.  You may adjust your browser preferences to block or warn about these files.

Why does it matter?

The information we collect from you helps us improve and personalize the content we display on our website. Such personalization is helpful for us to customize content which we think will interest you.

It will also help us improve design and layout for our website which will make our articles accessible for the readers.

What are the information collected?

We may collect your information while you fill out the online forms on the website. This type of information includes name, email address, contact number and address. We may also collect information provided to us by phone, email or in written or other communications.

Furthermore, we collect the information from your website use through cookies.

Traffic Monitoring

We use Google Analytics to collect visitor data and analyze traffic on our site. We use this information strictly for analysis purposes only. This helps us improve user experience. Google does not sell, give or trade the statistics they store to any 3rd parties for data-mining or marketing purposes. Please visit Google Privacy Policy for their privacy policy.

Social Networks

We may include posts from various social media and they collect visitor information to support features like commenting. You may read their respective privacy policies via links below:

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Cookie Policy

Our site uses various first/third-party cookies to improve your experience on our site.