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Category: Career Guidance

Career in Digital Advertisement in Nepal

Job Digital advertising refers to marketing media that is digitally displayed. Digital advertising technology exists on the Internet, on a smart phone and hand-held media devices, and even on automobiles and billboards. Jobs in Digital Advertisement may include Internet marketing coordinator, online product placement and marketing coordinator, Web marketing coordinator and SEM coordinator.    Stats and Growth...

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Is Social Media Management a Career in Nepal ?

Job The overall purpose of a social media manager is to lead an organization's social media strategy in order to boost visibility and customer and client engagement. This typically involves managing an organization's online presence by developing a strategy, producing good content, analyzing usage data, facilitating customer service and managing projects and campaigns. Social Media...

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Career in Content Marketing in Nepal

Employment Strong writing skills and a high grammar aptitude are essential of course, but many organizations want writers with journalism experience, specifically with a newspaper or other journalistic enterprise. They want engaging, well-researched, in-depth feature articles, interviews, and newsworthy pieces, which means hiring strong storytellers with research skills who can work in high-pressure situations. Also...

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Career in Digital Graphics Production in Nepal

Employment Web design, computer graphics animation, desktop publishing, advertising, logo design, and digital photography are the employment opportunities for specialists in digital communications. Digital graphics includes the use of software and other electronic tools to create and produce digital arts. Stats and Growth Career Graphic Designers Web Developers Desktop Publishers Education Requirements Bachelor's degree Associate's...

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